Today, gluttony is at the rendezvous! Beyond the mythical Beaufort, promoting the entire agricultural sector in place in the Beaufortain, discover all the gustatory richness of this territory where epicureans will find their happiness. And as a bonus we give you a grandmother's secret, all that is most local: the recipe for gougères au grataron!

Beaufort, Beaufort & Grataron

Focus on Beaufort.

Since 1994, Beaufort has had the label “Remarkable site of taste”, promoting a remarkable site linked to a local product whose history, heritage and quality are particularly rich. For the visitor, it is the guarantee of a gourmet stay! Every fall, on the occasion of the Salon du Goût, Beaufort welcomes the other remarkable sites of the Goût de France, so that they can present and sell their products. This is how Beaufort and Grataron rub shoulders with other riches of gourmet France. 

This year took place the 26th edition of this highlight of the territory. Many were those who crossed the doors of the show to discover the richness of many terroirs from the 4 corners of France, and even Italy. The opportunity also to meet around a good tasting of oysters from Cancale, Italian charcuterie, or cheeses from many horizons such as Fourme d'Ambert, Saint Nectaire or all accompanied by a good Croës bread shaped by the team of the eponymous bakery in Beaufort. Without forgetting multiple drinks appreciated, in moderation, by the many epicureans present throughout the weekend.


Back to the exhibition of remarkable sites of taste:

A name that smells like cheese, the “Prince of Cheeses”, Le Beaufort.

The history of Arêches-Beaufort is intimately linked to the eponymous cheese that made it famous: Beaufort. Nicknamed the "prince of Gruyères", it is one of the favorite cheeses of the French. Beaufort is a product that brings together the mountains and people. Labeled AOP, it is a raw, whole milk cheese with a pressed cooked paste, recognized for its quality and its infinite taste palette. It is the result of an ancestral know-how originating from Savoie, perpetuated for many years.

It was in Beaufort that the “sarcle” (wooden circle) was invented to facilitate the transport of cheese wheels from the mountain pastures to the cellars. Since then, production has become a flagship of the territory and represents an important part of its economy: more than 600 jobs are linked to the sector and 30 wheels are made each year. Take advantage of your stay in Arêches-Beaufort to discover the manufacturing secrets of this emblematic cheese.

During your holidays, meet the farmers of Arêches-Beaufort who will be happy to show you around their farm and explain their trade to you. You will discover the different farms in the region, the cows that produce the milk used to make Beaufort of course, but also the goats, donkeys, pigs, rabbits, chickens, snails... and even llamas!

The Beaufortain Dairy Cooperative

Behind the scenes at Beaufort To relaunch their cheese, the producers organized themselves and created their cooperative in 1961. Year after year, this “coop” grew, modernized, opened up to the public and launched into direct sales. Today, with 14 million liters of milk from its 184 members, the establishment produces more than 30 wheels of Beaufort per year, ie a quarter of national production. To find out all about this exceptional cheese, the cooperative offers a tour all year round: exhibition on Beaufort and its territory, gallery with a view of the production room. On the program of this sensory approach: Smell boxes, videos, testimonials, objects to touch, models. 

You can also visit the cellars. And so that the whole family can enjoy it, educational workshops are organized for groups of children from 3 to 10 years old, and from 11 to 16 years old.

Information about the cooperative:

The Grataron

The other lord of the plate. Grataron du beaufortain, also called Grataron d'Arêches, is one of the rare raw and whole goat's milk cheeses, with a lightly pressed uncooked paste and a washed rind, born in Beaufortain. It is circular in shape with a diameter of 8 to 10 centimeters and a thickness of 3 to 4 centimeters for a weight of 350 grams. On the palate, it offers fine goat aromas with sweet flavors of terroir with a fruity scent of hazelnuts. An authentic goat's cheese, with a distinct taste. During your stay, do not hesitate to meet the farmers who produce it, such as the Ferme de Monsieur Seguin. 

On some farms, you will have the chance to participate in animal milking. At the end of the visits, you will taste the specialties produced on site: Beaufort, Grataron, Pormonier, and other cheeses and sausages. They will show you around their farm:

Recipe based on Grataron

Where to discover our local products


Head to Joséphine's Table, located in Arêches, to taste the good dishes of chef Ludovic Blanc who is inspired by the recipes of his grandmother Joséphine. Above all, do not miss its specialties, the Garçon de Joséphine made with a Pormonier or the Savoyard hotpot which gives pride of place to Savoy pig.

Still in Arêches, the Christiania restaurant, the 1947, will delight you with its refined dishes. Between lake and mountain, the chef offers traditional and inventive cuisine. It revisits the classics of Savoyard gastronomy such as Savoyard fondue, raclette or even tartiflette and offers specialties based on Beaufort of course.

In the heights of Arêches, take a gourmet break at the restaurant des 9 Snowfields. Benoît Chauchaix will serve you delicious dishes made by him with the best products from the region.

Created by Sophie Mollard, born in Beaufortain and daughter of a farmer, Fang local is a project born from the desire to support regional agriculture and introduce new flavors. To do this, nothing could be simpler than grouping all these products together at the same point of sale and facilitating access to them by offering deliveries anywhere in Beaufortain. you will find the essentials to concoct good meals from the local agriculture of Beaufortain and Savoie: cheeses and dairy products from Beaufortain, fruits and vegetables from the Albertvillois basin, meat, charcuterie, eggs and Beaufortain snails. But also organic pasta made by hand in Savoie. Wines and fruit juices from Savoy and especially the famous Birra Menta.

Present for 4 generations in Beaufort, The Grand Mont Hotel and its restaurant is an essential stopover during your stay. You will savor the chef's speciality, a delicious calf's head with garnished gribiche sauce. The chef's cuisine is traditional and consists exclusively of fresh produce from his vegetable garden or from local farmers.

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