35 breeders and 4 restaurateurs have joined forces to offer a quality meat industry in the heart of Beaufortain. This meat comes mainly from 2 local breeds, Tarine and Abondance. It essentially meets the specifications of the AOC Beaufort in terms of livestock feed.

The production benefits from full traceability, until it is put on sale since the slaughterhouse is located on the Beaufort plain.

Good locavore plan!

Fans of the short circuit, you will find veal or cow meat at the SICA Viande du Beaufortain, sold in boxes of 2 to 5 kg.

The pormonier

Processing pigs is still a common practice in Beaufortain. It is customary to make your pormonier, as you do your blood sausage, sausages, diots, hams, terrines, pâté de tête, etc.

The pormonier was “the poor man's sausage”. We use the small pieces of the pork, that is to say the offal, the throat, the heart, the kidneys or the lungs. A wide variety of vegetables were added to it, depending on what was left in the garden in the winter season: leeks, chard, spinach, salads.