You know the beaufort, grataron, perhaps you have tasted some of the specialties Beaufortain meat, you still have so much to discover!

photo de fromage de brebis

Bersend sheep cheese

Le Bersend is a hamlet in the town of Beaufort, in the Savoie department, where a tomme made from sheep's milk, with uncooked pressed dough, 12 cm in diameter and 5 cm thick, is produced. 'an average weight of 600 g. Its natural gray and rough rind conceals a semi-hard but supple dough, with subtle aromas. If sheep farming was once very common in Beaufortain, it ended up bowing to the supremacy of the cow. We are happy to see him come back in favor (and in Bio) at the initiative of GAEC de la Fontaine.


Beekeepers are numerous and produce high mountain honey, enriched with all the aromatic variety of wild flora. Their bees - local black bee and yellow bees from Italy and the Caucasus - collect the delicious nectar within a 5 km radius of the hive. They are therefore quite able to forage at altitude and descend to the hive, carried by the winds. You will find Beaufortain honey in the markets or in regional product stores.

The crozets

Well inscribed in Savoyard culinary traditions, these small square pastas were undoubtedly inspired by the many Italian artisans who worked in Savoy on a seasonal basis. Depending on the valleys and the cereals cultivated, they were prepared from wheat, rye or buckwheat. In Beaufort, you will find an artisanal crozet factory at the Nivault butcher.

The road

Cyril Suet, head of the Les Croés bakery, has revived the rioute, a traditional brioche recipe. Shaped in the shape of a ring, the rioute is a brioche dough flavored with anise, which we bought particularly during the Palm Sunday period. Fortunately, today it can be enjoyed all year round!