From January 28, 2022

For any initiate, having already practiced ski touring and DVA research exercises and wishing to improve their knowledge in safety and snow science.

Ski touring is a wonderful way to approach the mountains in winter. However, every practitioner knows that the risk of avalanche exists, and understanding this risk is essential to remain in a practice oriented towards pleasure. This 2-day course, both theoretical and practical, offers you training around the theme of avalanches in order to provide you with the elements and methods necessary for good decision-making in the choices of outings and routes that you choose. will do tomorrow. Because it's all about decision-making: being in the right place at the right time cannot be improvised, both to avoid disaster or to have fun in beautiful snow.

The risk is inherent in the practice of ski touring. However, by better understanding the winter mountain environment and the factors that could lead to the accident, we can significantly reduce this risk. For that, a good understanding of the factors leading to the accident is necessary, in order to adapt its exits and routes to the conditions of the place and the moment. To this end, this course will take place in two stages: a theoretical approach first (indoors) that we will translate the next day in the field during a hike, after a night in a warm mountain refuge.

1 Day:
Reception at 8:45 am at the Christiania hotel -
Theoretical approach in the classroom: understanding the risk / managing the risk
Lunch in the dining room
Departure for the Alpage hut by chairlift then by gravity. Snow workshop (DVA, shoveling, cutting) near the refuge. At 17:00 p.m., preparation (indoors) for the next day's race.
Evening, dinner and night at the refuge.

Day 2: hike from the refuge with application of the elements discussed the day before: choice of route, key passage, Crystal method, group management ... Return to Arêches around 16:00 pm, assessment and end of the course.

This course takes place in partnership with the Ortovox brand which will provide safety equipment that you can use / test.


From January 28 to January 29
Monday Closed
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Friday Open
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Sunday Closed
From Friday 28 to Saturday 29 January 2022.


Type Price
Adult 325€

The price includes :
 supervision by a qualified professional
 half board in a refuge
 the picnic of the second day
 the ski lift to access the refuge
 the loan of Ortovox safety equipment if you wish to test it. If you have yours, you can bring it.
 Provision of training support
The price does not include:
 transport instead of meeting
 ski equipment
 personal insurance
 anything not listed in "the price includes"

Payment method

  • Bank / credit card
  • Check
  • Vacation check
  • cash