Tuesday, April 19th was our first waste collection morning in partnership with Mountain Riders. We collected, weighed and sorted nearly 80 kg of waste, with sometimes surprising discoveries.  🧐

Morning schedule  

1. Waste collection

About 60 people gathered at Planay for this morning of collection. We made different groups to comb through the different sectors of the estate.

Cuvy tray
All types of discoveries

2. Sorting & categorization of waste 

After two hours of collection, return to Planay for weighing and sorting of waste. (but also for an aperitif 😉 )

Bag weighing
Categorization of waste

Collection report

1. 17kg of plastic

Plastic is well ahead with 55,5% of the total harvest 

2. A big thank you

A big thank you to Mountain Riders and to all the participants for their presence and involvement. All this data will allow us to reduce waste at source with targeted and even more advanced awareness. Here, you will find an article on our various commitments for sustainable tourism:

3. For more information:

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