An authentic festival that brings together the Beaufortain breeders and celebrates the famous Tarentaise and Abondance cows which produce the milk for the production of Beaufort.

At the end of April, Beaufortain breeders present their most beautiful animals (cows, heifers, calves). During this competition, the best are awarded for their beauty, their milk production… Specialists in Abondance and Tarine breeds reveal the exceptional qualities of these cows which produce the incomparable. Beaufort cheese.

Throughout the day, on the Place Roger Frison Roche in Beaufort, this agricultural show is punctuated by numerous activities: raffle, children's activities, goat farm, fair, refreshment bar ... Lunch is the occasion for a good rustic meal in the multipurpose room at noon followed by the awards ceremony and the parade, to the sound of the bells and clarines of more than 200 cattle ...

A Young Leaders competition is also the opportunity to discover and appreciate the work of these young breeders with the simple explanations of the judge, who will address the informed public as well as the neophytes!