Heir to the iconic ski mountaineering race, the EDF Pierra-Menta Été, was born in 2015, with the desire to offer a trail event sharing the same passion as its big sister: being able to offer a unique mountain race, in team of two, traversing the most beautiful summits of Beaufortain.

Arêches-Beaufort, an emblematic village-resort of the Beaufortain valley, represents the trail in its total dimension: an inexhaustible playground for each practitioner, but also a land of performance which notably hosts the mythical winter Pierra-Menta, the one of the most famous and challenging ski mountaineering races in the world. It has brought together more than 600 enthusiasts each year.

"The EDF Pierra Menta summer is a unique sky running race with its technically difficult course and its rope spirit", Lucie, participant 2rd edition

It is therefore natural that the trail version, the EDF Pierra-Menta Été, was born in 2015, with the same passion as its big sister: to be able to offer a unique mountain race.

Indeed, it is the values ​​of the Mountain and the spirit of the roped party that dominates this adventure, because it is run in teams of two, where, beyond the sporting feat, the spirit of mutual aid is essential. . It is unique in its format: with 3 days of distinct stages, that is to say nearly 70 km and 7 m of cumulative elevation gain… with “aerial” passages at the crest where the harness and lanyards are compulsory. Finally (and above all) unique by the beauty of the Beaufortain landscapes crossed, which offers a limitless playground, both for its beauty and its difficulty.

On the program of the 3 stages: the tip of the Big Day for a warm-up, the Grand Mont for the legend and its famous ridge and Roche Parstire to finish in style and its view of the Roseland Dam before descending towards the finish !

The EDF Pierra-Menta Été also offers a young race on a reduced format, only two days, but keeping the spirit of the race: 2 stages per team of 2 over a total distance of 20km with 2000 meters of elevation gain.

You can find the results of previous editions and follow the race live:

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