Our valleys and mountains are magnificent! However, there is an easy, fun, magical way to see them even more beautiful (yes, yes, it is possible!): Paragliding. Take to the air and, like a bird, contemplate them from the sky.

The first flight in Paragliding is the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of nature, and to contemplate it from a unique point of view.
With an easy take-off and landing, on foot or on skis, the flight is accessible from 7 years old.
Accompanied by a professional State-certified instructor, you will be comfortably installed to fully enjoy a contemplative flight that can end with a few sensations if you feel like it. You can even, if the conditions allow it, take the controls to find out how to fly.
Privileged and magical moments, they will leave you with unforgettable memories. Let's take the time to share!
Several types of flight possible (from 600 to more than 1550m of vertical drop, i.e. a flight of about 9 min to 25 min).


  • From 7 years old)


All opening times have passed. Please contact the owner directly for more information.

From 23 / 12 / 2023 to 01 / 04 / 2024.