The nomad chalet sets up a base camp in Arêches-Beaufort to work from home while enjoying the mountains. Chalet Nomad is an experience at the crossroads of teleworking, community life and an outdoor sports paradise, which brings together a community of enthusiasts. It is the ideal place for nomadic workers and enthusiasts of mountain ranges!

The nomad chalet is a project launched by Mountain on stage. From September to November 2021, the festival team establishes its base camp in the heart of the Beaufortain mountains, just a few kilometers above the Beaufort village, and invites you to come and try the experience for a week, a month or more. In addition to a simple place to live, many courses are offered, the opportunity to run trail, climbing or yoga while working. An original experience that allows you to enjoy the Beaufortain massif and its beautiful fall colors.

Interview with Cyril Salomon, founder of Montagne en scène and the nomad chalet

Cyril Salomon with family

What is the concept of the nomad chalet?

It is above all to have a place that allows you to enjoy the mountains and work from home in a magnificent setting, facing the Grand Mont, in the heart of Beaufortain. The idea of ​​bringing together mountain enthusiasts so that they can meet and share good times together.

How did you come to this idea ?

It is following the confinement. There were 10 of us in the family chalet not far from here and it was quite incredible to live there too out of season, to enjoy the mountains, to be able to walk in the authorized kilometer while working… We said to ourselves that ' with new ways of working, such as the development of teleworking, offering this type of experience in Beaufortain would be a good idea.

What does the Arêches-Beaufort destination represent for you?

For us it is THE massive heart, super preserved, with not too many ski lifts and huge virgin spaces, as there are not many elsewhere. Throughout the year, many activities are possible in addition to skiing, with climbing or hiking while enjoying what is surely the most beautiful view of the Mont Blanc massif. And what's more, it's very accessible, it's easy to come by train from Lyon or Paris, in short, it ticks all the boxes.

The nomad chalet is throughout the fall, until November 2021, but what is the future of the project?

The idea was already to do a test, see how it goes, what we could put in place. And it seems to be working pretty well, so we're going to try to develop that over the winter, with “work & ski” and other activities such as snowshoeing and taking advantage of the late season for ski touring. Especially since you have to get up early in the spring to take advantage of the good conditions, which leaves time to work afterwards. And why not in the future, have a permanent establishment in the area.

If we are interested, how can we follow the progress of the project?

All the information is on and we can be followed on social networks. And do not hesitate to call to discuss and exchange with the team on everything that is possible to do! 

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