Cross-country skiing is an essential activity in Arêches-Beaufort. From learning your first conversion to the most demanding competitions like the Pierra Menta, activities and equipment are offered to progress in the discipline.


initiations all winter

9 km of marked routes


4 secure and patrolled tracks

Our marked ski touring routes in Beaufortain

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Arêches-Beaufort and Dynafit offer 4 permanent routes dedicated solely to ski touring in the ski area. The Traces allow practitioners to warm up and access the top of the ski area at 2320m by walking outside the flows of alpine skiing. It is then possible to continue with classic hikes to conquer summits such as the Grand-Mont, a crossing point for the mythical Pierra Menta.

plan des pistes de ski de rando 2020
NameDistanceElevation +📍 Departure🏁 Arrival⛷ Descent recommended
logo de la trace bleue2 km↗ 300m🚡 Sommet des Bonnets Rouges - Rando 2000 packageCol de la Forclaz"Partridge" 🟦
logo de la trace rouge2,5 km↗ 320m🚡 Cuvy plateau - Rando 1700 packageSummit of the Bonnets Rouges"Red Hats" 🟦
logo de la trace pro3 km↗ 900m🚐 The PlanaySummit of the Grande Combe“Not cows” 🟥 and “Echarté” 🟦
logo de la trace nocturne1,5 km↗ 350m🚐 The PlanayBeacon chalet 13"Echarté" 🟦

The “Trace” routes are open at the same times as the ski area (except the Trace Nocturne). In the event of danger (snow, weather, avalanche, etc.) they are declared closed by the piste service. Consult the online opening bulletin and signage in place at the start of the routes.

Two ski touring passes are sold at the ski lift ticket offices:

  • Hiking package 1700: allows access to the Cuvy plateau from the Trace Rouge at 1700 m
  • 2000 hike package: allows access to the top of the Bonnets Rouges chairlift at an altitude of 2000 m and from the Blue Trail

Each year, the best ski mountaineers in the world, like those of the Team Areches-Beaufort, meet on the occasion of the Pierra Menta. But the events around ski touring are not reserved for professionals, the Great Course, organized by the FFCAM, allows you to rise in the discipline whatever your level. Likewise, Step of the Stone allows novices to taste the experience of international racing in a suitable format, shorter and over a single day.

Our ski touring stays and activities in Beaufortain

All winter, ski touring activities and stays are offered with the House of Guides Beaufortain andESF. These guides and instructors of the country know Beaufortain like the back of their hand. With them you will discover the magnificent landscapes of Beaufortain and develop your skills in the discipline in complete safety.

Our ski touring shops

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Our ski touring providers in Arêches Beaufort

Make your own trace! Our guides and instructors offer you supervised ski touring trips adapted to all levels to learn and progress while discovering the mythical summits of Beaufortain, Grand-Mont, Pointe de la Grande Journée, Riondet or even La Roche Parstire.

The Beaufortain massif offers a gigantic playground for the practice of the discipline with the possibilities of roaming over several days. Also check out community sites Ski tour, ou CamptoCamp for the best routes.