While the practice of ski touring has been on the rise for several years, the Covid has had a real accelerating effect. And this winter, the enthusiasm is undeniable! Pioneer of the discipline Arêches-Beaufort has 4 marked trails to enjoy in complete safety.


Arêches-Beaufort and its partner Dynafit offer 4 permanent routes dedicated solely to ski touring, marked and secure, in the ski area.

The Red trace allows you to learn by climbing in small valleys between the fir trees. Easier, the Blue track allows you to enjoy a 360° panorama and wide open spaces. The routes ideally meander through virgin spaces, to allow practitioners to fully enjoy a mountain experience while being safe. To reach the start of the tracks, special hiking packages allow you to reach the summits more easily.

The pro track is for the most experienced because several conversions will be necessary to overcome the 900m of elevation gain and reach the Grande Combe without taking the slopes. As a reminder, the practice of cross-country skiing on the slopes is prohibited for safety reasons. Finally, the nocturnal track allows sports enthusiasts to perfect their training after dark.

Jacques and Jean-Pierre work every day of the week on these routes to maintain them and ensure the safety of the routes.  

Jack: "It's my 6rd year on these tracks. Every day, we do everything to be able to open the tracks to practitioners: check the snow conditions, safety, retrace after a snowfall…”.
“We are two retirees, part-time employees, to take care of these routes. We can take turns, progress and offer tracks that are suitable for everyone. It's real teamwork, we call each other "my half-trace"! I also call Jean-Pierre: “Verginio” because my previous partner was called Virginie! ".

“In recent years, we have seen more and more frequentation on the estate. Many people who come for a week want to discover the practice over a day. And the tracks allow you to learn in complete safety on a marked route. »


Jean-Pierre  : “We go back over all the tracks every day, to redo damaged or too shiny portions, put back the markings… and we take the opportunity to discuss with the practitioners!

With each snowfall, it is first of all the rescuers who validate the safety conditions. Then we redo the trace before the opening. However, the risks are very limited on these routes. In addition, they are very easily accessible by the trackers in the event of injury or emergency assistance. Practitioners easily reach the ski area for the descent and enjoy the groomed slopes.

The particularity of these tracks is that they are 100% dedicated to ski touring, which is not the case everywhere! The routes for pedestrians or snowshoes are separated, which allows a relevant use for each type of practitioner. We often meet people for whom it is the first time in ski touring and who, thanks to the tracks, fully appreciate the practice.
We work a lot before the opening of the season to find the best places to pass, in safety, while enjoying a beautiful course. »

And to start on the Tracks, you can take advantage of an abundant and modern fleet of rental equipment to start your initiation in good conditions. The Arêches-Beaufort stores are particularly well equipped and their team know the practice very well.

Fabian, from the Skimium store: “Traces are emblematic of Arêches-Beaufort and represent more than 50% of the rental clientele. People come to initiate themselves or their loved ones and practice whatever the conditions. »

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