Arêches-Beaufort is located in the heart of a setting of over 15 hectares of virgin land with 000 km of trails. Its landscapes follow one another without ever resembling each other: large wild expanses, flowery mountain pastures, dense forests, numerous lakes, dams, steep walls, majestic peaks, are all breathtaking panoramas with Mont-Blanc. in background.

It is the ideal place to indulge in the joys of hiking in the heart of nature. From a simple family walk, lasting less than an hour, to the legendary Beaufortain tour, there is something for everyone. 

In the heart of a setting of more than 15 Ha of virgin spaces.

During the beautiful season, more than 500 km of marked trails await you to make you discover the most beautiful panoramas of Beaufortain. Here we are talking about the “cow mountain”: this local term defines the massif as accessible, both to cows and to walkers with large meadows to discover! 

You will go on an adventure on your own or call on mountain guides who, in addition to showing you the way, will share with you the richness and diversity of the mountains and pastures crossed. 

Contemplatives will set off to discover the treasures of the massif, including the flora and fauna which contribute to the natural wealth of Arêches-Beaufort. Hundreds of species of flowers, plants, animals are to be discovered along the hikes.

Agriculture is still very present. You will frequently come across a herd of tarina and abundance cows which produce milk for Beaufort, or even goats which offer us milk for the delicious grataron.

The ski lifts will take you to the departures of many pedestrian routes for your most beautiful hikes. They will also allow you to access the picnic areas at altitude to enjoy the majestic panoramas of Beaufortain.

A territory punctuated by lakes

photo de canoe sur le lac de Saint-Guérin

The 10 lakes that surround Arêches-Beaufort are also ideal places for hiking and above all panoramic sites not to be missed under any circumstances: the 3 large lakes of the Roselend, Saint-Guérin and Gittaz dams but also the lakes of the Fairies, Tournant and Mirantin with its adorable little chalet ... easily accessible by hike for the whole family from the youngest to the oldest.

The Roselend dam, located at an altitude of 1 meters for example, is known for its extraordinary architecture. Its turquoise blue lake evokes the waters of the Pacific, herds of tarines graze around and many peaks can be seen there: Roc du Vent, Aiguille du Grand Fond, La Pierra Menta ...

The development of the Roselend-La Bâthie site extends in the Beaufortain between Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Albertville. Supplied by the collection of around thirty torrents, it is made up of the three dams and reservoirs of Roselend, Saint-Guérin and La Gittaz. Beaufortain produces around 1,5 billion kWh each year, or 3,7% of EDF's national hydroelectric production.

The Saint-Guérin dam, located at 1 meters above sea level, is very popular with walkers for its spectacular side. the Saint-Guérin lake is laid out with a pedestrian path and an 83-meter-long Nepalese footbridge, which connects the two banks. It overlooks the lake more than 20 meters high! The ride is family-friendly and relaxing. The installation, built in 2011, is accessible to everyone (families with young children or accompanied strollers and people with reduced mobility).