Discover Savoyard gastronomy with Beaufortain accents! Proud cradle of “Le Beaufort” cheese, Arêches-Beaufort will introduce you to the different possible variations of this star product.
Also find the grataron, a superb cheese made from raw, whole goat's milk and the quality of the meat from our Tarines cows, fed with mountain flowers!


The history of Arêches-Beaufort is closely linked to the eponymous cheese which made it famous: Beaufort. Nicknamed the “prince of [...]

The grataron

The other lord of the plate here is Grataron. Grataron du Beaufortain, also called Grataron d'Arêches, is one of the rare cheeses [...]

Beaufortain meat

35 breeders and 4 restaurateurs have joined forces to offer a quality meat industry in the heart of Beaufortain. This meat comes from [...]

Our other good products

You know Beaufort, grataron, perhaps you have tasted some of the Beaufortain meat specialties, it will help you [...]