For a tourist office, commitment to a quality approach is above all strategic, it is the common thread of the tourist office to be able to involve the entire destination in a process of progress, in a joint tourism development project.

The State Quality Tourism™ brand

In order to always receive you better and to improve the quality of tourist services in France, the State has created the Qualité Tourisme™ label.

The Qualité Tourisme™ brand is the only state brand awarded to tourism professionals for the quality of their welcome and their services.

To obtain the mark, the service provider must successfully follow a quality approach that complies with the essential requirements for your satisfaction. As a guarantee of confidence, the services are regularly subject to an unannounced and independent check. This sign of recognition therefore allows you to confidently choose tourist establishments that offer quality services.

Because it is aimed at the entire tourist reception chain, Qualité Tourisme™ accompanies you throughout your stay: accommodation, catering, places to visit, sports and leisure activities, tourist offices... You can schedule your holidays in complete serenity.

Whether they are recognized or unusual destinations, large groups with an international reputation or small independent establishments, they all join forces with Qualité Tourisme™ to provide you with a welcome of excellence: nearly 5 establishments are thus labeled Tourism Quality™.

Our quality approach

Our OT has been engaged for more than 10 years in the quality approach nationally recognized by the Tourism Quality Mark ™, with external audits carried out regularly, with the aim of continuous improvement.

Our territory

“Our village-resort is lively and attractive all year round, organizing multiple outdoor activities, in a reasoned manner and promoting its heritage (natural, cultural, agricultural, forestry, etc.)”

Our commitments

Visitors & vacationers

You will be welcomed by an available, experienced team, passionate about the mountains and their territory, who live in our villages and who will pass on their knowledge to you for a personalized stay adapted to your expectations.

Tourism Professionals

You will be in contact with a mixed, stable, structured, experienced team, which will support you in the development of your activity with a direct and personalized relationship for a local service. She can also advise you and offer training tailored to your needs. She will also liaise with all the station's stakeholders and customers.

Institutional actors

You will be in contact with tourism and destination experts, passionate about their profession and the mountains, who will be keen to carry out the missions entrusted to them with respect, transparency and honesty in order to satisfy all stakeholders (social professionals, customers, etc.). They guarantee the quality and independence of the municipality for maintaining tourism competence.


The tourist office's priority is to offer a caring working environment where employees are supported in their missions and their professional development with a structured organization which guarantees framework, connection and meaning in a friendly environment.

Our team

Welcome to Arêches-Beaufort! Our team is delighted to welcome you, all year round, to our destination full of activities for an authentic mountain experience. 

Pascaline and Marie-Christine, stay advisors

As travel advisors, Pascaline et Marie-Christine will advise you on all the activities, visits and experiences to enjoy in the region. Pascaline, also in charge of the Qualité Tourisme brand, ensures that the tourist office respects all the necessary criteria. We do not forget Claire, and Manon who are also part of the reception team.

His favorite track: Piapolay.
His favorite place: the picnic table at the foot of the Rochette waterfall in Beaufort
His final word: Oh good time!

His favorite track: Good Combe
His favorite place: the chapel of Roselend at sunset and full of secret corners
His final word:

Myriam and Agathe, booking and classification agents

As reservation agents of the accommodation center, Myriam et Agathe will find the rare pearl for your stay! They know the accommodation inside out and will be able to guide you.

All reception and central reservation teams are under the responsibility ofAngelic which coordinates all the commercial action of the Tourist Office.

Their favorite track : The mountain pasture for Myriam and Le pas des vaches for Agathe
Their favorite place: Rognoux Grand Mont sector for Myriam and Roche Parstire for Agathe
Their final word:

Patrick, entertainment manager

As an animation manager for over 20 years, Patrick will entertain you and offer entertainment for all audiences for a joyful and authentic holiday! He is supported in his missions by Nicolas who will also welcome you at the entrance to the cinema.

Her favorite track : The Boulevard de liaison in an inflatable buoy and disguised as a cow ...................... 
His favorite place: The cinema or the Halle de la place Frison Roche for concerts
His final word: Don't come!

Marie, communications officer

In charge of digital communication, Marie ensures that the essence of Arêches-Beaufort is respected on social networks, graphic visuals and the website. She works together with Edith, who is responsible for monitoring editions and memberships. She also ensures that all information is up to date on the website. The team is reinforced part of the year by Hamza which works specifically on communication around certain events such as Pierra Menta and Pierra Menta summer.

The entire animation & communication team works under the leadership of Nicolas who supervises all communication actions, and coordinates the smooth running of events in the region.

His favorite track: Great Mount His favorite place: Cover pass from Saint-Guérin
His final word:
Hakuna Matata

The whole team is moving forward under the direction of Frédéric Blanc-Mappaz who is present on a daily basis to set the pace and ensure the proper functioning of the Tourist Office, and relations with all stakeholders in the region. All under the benevolent gaze of Nicolas Blanc, the President of the structure which supports the actions of the Office thanks to its tourism expertise.