In spring in Arêches-Beaufort, nature wakes up slowly from a long winter. The first primroses and daffodils precede the growth of the grass in the valley. The herds of tarina cows and plenty will be able to leave their stables to stretch their legs, taste the fresh grass and prepare for the agricultural show in early May. The fishermen, after 5 months of impatience rediscover the rivers and then the high-altitude lakes. The last snows at altitude delight lovers of spring ski tours. The collars and cormets are finally accessible to cyclists with sharp calves. The marmots finally show themselves.


The snow has disappeared at altitude, allowing the herds to enjoy the grass of the alpine pastures, which will give a fruity and delicious Beaufort cheese in a few months while the farmers in the valley harvest the hay that will feed the cows during the winter. Hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers discover a wonderful playground, in a preserved and maintained environment, between 750 and 3000 meters above sea level, between lakes and forests, streams and mountain pastures with Mont-Blanc as a backdrop.

Water is present for fishermen, for paddle boarding, canoeing and swimming pool enthusiasts. The restaurants and their terraces, in the villages or at altitude, allow you to taste dishes made with local products. International sports competitions take place in this setting: Tour de France, Critérium du Dauphiné, Pierra Menta summer, Trail de la Frison Roche,… Traditional festivals and events punctuate the summer, cultural and sporting.


The herds will descend into the valley, enjoy the last grass before returning to the stables. Many outdoor activities are still possible in landscapes that are adorned with their autumn clothes, with their colorful trees and such a special light. The fishermen will tease the brown or rainbow trout one last time. A dream period to discover the rich heritage of our valley: villages, hamlets, churches and chapels, why not on the occasion of heritage days.

Our remarkable site of taste label, obtained for Beaufort cheese, is being honored at the Salon du Goût which brings together most of the remarkable French sites on the 2nde October weekend.


The herds are warm in the stables, but there are many organized visits to the farms that allow you to visit them.

The mountain has put on its white coat and the pastures which have seen the cows this summer come alive with skiers! The very abundant snow in our resort allows lovers of all kinds of winter sports to enjoy an area between 1050 and 2300 m above sea level. Many other activities are offered: snowshoeing, tobogganing, snow walks and of course ski mountaineering or ski touring.
The season to enjoy a fondue or a Beaufort tart prepared by one of the local chefs.
The international ski mountaineering race “Pierra menta” has been taking place for more than 35 years in Arêches-Beaufort, bringing together the world's elite. Many activities for young and old, shows and sports activities for all are organized.

Spring returns and the seasons follow one another peacefully in this setting which will reveal all its riches to you throughout each season.