Find all the ways to get to Arêches-Beaufort, winter and summer, as well as ways to get around once there.

Coming to Arêches-Beaufort



Free Nature Shuttles

access to our NATURES shuttle network is free

The Nature Shuttles serve Beaufort, Arêches, Lake Saint Guérin and all of Beaufortain and Val d'Arly from Albertville station. All lines and timetables are presented in the brochure available in our Tourist Offices. You can also find this brochure by clicking on the button below:

Coming by car: Road conditions

Compulsory winter equipment in Savoie

In order to enhance user safety by reducing the specific risks associated with driving on snow-covered or icy roads, it will be compulsory to fit your vehicle with winter tires or to have chains or snow socks throughout the Savoie department of November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

SITES AND NUMBERS useful for knowing the state of the roads: 

savoy roads

Telephone: +33 (0)4 79 37 73 37 – 24 hours a day

On-site parking

Several free car parks are available in our villages: Place Frison-Roche in Beaufort, La Serraz car park and Place du Capitaine Bulle in Arêches, several car parks in Planay.

However, they are subject to long-term parking rules and must be vacated to ensure snow removal operations. Please comply with the rules in force.

So that our roads and villages can be cleared of snow in good conditions, we remind you of certain rules:

  1. Do not place snow on the track when clearing snow from your vehicle or your access. It is acceptable to do this just before a snow removal machine intervenes and not after, otherwise you expose yourself to prosecution and to having your liability sought in the event of a disaster.
  2. Vehicles parked on public property must be cleared of snow and moved each time snow falls to facilitate snow removal.

The rules must obviously be respected, in particular: parking zones prohibited at night, to facilitate snow removal, as well as blue zones and minute stops, respect the signs put in place to facilitate the turning of snow removal or salting equipment.

Apart from designated parking areas, the Highway Code governs parking. Uncontrolled parking for the purpose of practicing outdoor activities is therefore subject to these regulations. Particularly at the place called the Mappaz, where parking is prohibited all along the D218D and in the vehicle turnaround area. On the Col du Pré road, parking is also prohibited along the road, except in designated and identified parking spaces.

In the residence the Key to the Peaks, 10 covered parking spaces are available to rent from the tourist office, one of which is equipped with a charging socket for electric vehicles.

Come by train, then by bus or taxi to Arêches-Beaufort.

go savoie mont blanc: train + coach or taxi

To plan your Train – Coach or taxi journey to Arêches-Beaufort you can use the Go Savoie Mont Blanc site which will create the most responsible, quickest or even least expensive combined itinerary for a tailor-made experience!

Coach connection Albertville Station – Arêches-Beaufort

Departing from Albertville station, thehe Alti 21 line connects Albertville, Beaufort and Arêches.


Coaches & Excursions