La Pierre Menta is THE international ski mountaineering competition which brings together the elite of the discipline each year around a major competition, recognized as being the quest for the holy grail for athletes. This extraordinary race is similar to a peak marathon. It's the biggest ski mountaineering event in the world! The one you must have run at least once in your life ...

Famous all over the world, the Pierra Menta has seen hundreds of athletes compete for more than 30 years over 4 days. In teams of 2, between 3 and 6 hours of racing per day, the duos climb 10 meters of elevation gain, fifteen passes, steep corridors and vertiginous ridges… enough to exceed their mental and physical limits! The peak of the event: the antecime, perched at an altitude of 000 meters. Fortunately, there are also descents to breathe and recuperate. Not to mention the support of thousands of spectators, which allows you to surpass yourself.

photo de la pierra menta

"It is the benchmark and major event in the world of ski mountaineering", François d'Haene, ultra-trailer

Created in 1986, the race is the crazy bet of a team of friends, the desire for a real Dakar des neiges! La Pierra Menta quickly established itself in the world ski mountaineering landscape. In 1997, the organization launched the first race for young people to reveal new talents.

photo de la pierra menta
Pierra Menta 2019 day 4. Laetitia Roux.

More than a simple race, the Pierra Menta is a major event that punctuates the winter of Arêches Beaufort by bringing together hundreds of volunteers, by offering an equipment fair and by attracting thousands of spectators along the route. Every year, at the top of the Grand-Mont, crowds of enthusiasts gather in a folklore worthy of a stage of the Tour de France to encourage the champions. A unique atmosphere not to be missed.

"It's more important to win the Pierra Menta than a World Cup", Kilian Jornet, 4 times winner of the Pierra Menta

The Arêches-Beaufort Team

Each year, the champions of the Arêches-Beaufort team loudly carry the colors of the resort. Axelle Gachet-Mollaret has already entered the Pierra Menta twice on her record. And his teammates intend to imitate him in the next editions!

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Next meeting: the 36th edition of the Pierra Menta will take place from 8 at 11 March 2023. Stay informed of the latest news from Pierra Menta by subscribing to their Facebook pageTheir Instagram page or directly on the Grand Site website.

Born in 2015, the EDF Pierra Menta summer is the trail version of its winter big sister: a three-day pair race in the middle of the Beaufortain's highest peaks.