The Rencontres d'Arêches-Beaufort have everything to become an unmissable cultural event in the mountains. The territory so dear to Roger Frison-Roche is a place conducive to the inspiration of many photographers, videographers and writers. It is therefore quite natural to give them the possibility of exchanging, debating and sharing their vision of the mountains.

Guide, monitor, writer, journalist, lecturer, and explorer, these are all facets that have made the personality of Roger Frison-Roche. His attraction for the mountains, developed during his childhood through multiple trips between Paris, Chamonix and Beaufort.

From "Premier de Cordée" to "Versant du Soleil", this passion, and in particular his particular attachment to Beaufortain, "last happy valley", resonates as a call to sharing and humanism, so dear to his writings.

The Arêches-Beaufort Meetings are part of this vision of the mountain environment. Vision oh so important nowadays, where the marks of yesteryear tend to fade.

“Beaufortain will remain a land of welcome for all those who seek the mountain purity of the mornings of yesteryear, the beauty of the forests, the fauna, the flora, the waters and the rocks, and who will thus return to the sources of the past, among a population rooted for more than two thousand years on the same slopes of shade and sun, of the most preserved valley in the Alps.”

Through multiple exchanges, shared with authors of mountain literature, photo exhibitions, or film screenings, the interest of these Meetings lies in the possibility of asking questions that will make it possible to better understand the subjects of the future. by noting what makes the mountains today.