A young graphic designer illustrates the main peaks of the Alps and of course Beaufortain has not escaped him. It offers a canvas of Pierra Menta and 9 emblematic peaks of the massif.

Alex Jobert has set up his studio in Grenoble. Passionate about mountains and graphics, he combines these two passions to offer striking paintings of the peaks and massifs of the Alps. He tells us more about his work.

Can you tell us about your work? 

I am a graphic designer by training, I have a graphic studio called Atelier Duo. I am also an illustrator and for a little over a year, I opened an online store selling reproductions of my mountain drawings. It pleases a lot!

When did you start your series around the peaks of the Alps? What was the inspiration? 

It all started with a combination of circumstances. I was lucky enough to be able to offer a drawing to a very famous personality in the world of rugby (it was the “Panoramique Grenoble”). Subsequently, finding that it liked a lot, I drew, drew, and I opened the shop - not suspecting that it would please so much! I have always been fascinated by the mountains, their grandeur and their majesty. It was natural for me to bite into our peaks!

How do you actually work to make a painting?

For example that of Pierra Menta? I use a photo that I find, that someone gives to me or that I take. Then I draw on paper with Indian ink markers. Each painting takes me around 15h (this was the case for the Pierra Menta for example). Then I scan the drawing in HD in a large format scanner. I add the names of the vertices numerically and voila!

Can you tell us about your passion for the mountains? 

There is nothing that fascinates me more than the mountains. I grew up in the heart of the Chartreuse and have always surveyed our massifs. I'm not a big hiker or a trail fan, but the mountains have always been part of my universe. There is nothing more beautiful than the mountain!

Do you know Beaufortain and Arêches-Beaufort well? 

I started my mountain drawings with the massifs that I knew best: Vecors, Belledonne, Chartreuse. Little by little and on the inspiration of people who appreciate my work, I moved away, and I discovered many massifs that I knew little about but which deserve the greatest attention. This is the case with Beaufortain: when I was suggested to draw the Pierra Menta, I did not hesitate for a second: it is typically the kind of summit that I enjoy drawing!

How to follow your different projects and how to get one of your paintings? 

You can follow my news on instagram: studioduo_studio, or go to my site www.atelierduo-studio.com. Today I have 41 models, more than 160 drawn vertices, 5 finishes and most of the time several formats available. There is something for everyone and everything is made locally: in Grenoble and Echirolles. It's a real pride for me!

What are your plans for the future? 

I will soon be finalizing two new collections: Sommets de la Tarentaise and Sommets du Mercantour. I'm also planning to release a very detailed version of Chamechaude, the highest peak in Chartreuse. And to celebrate the store's first anniversary, I'm going to release a particularly unique model in a very limited series: a very large 1mx1,5m model with more than 160 tops. Stay tuned!

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